Creating a new order

Submitting an order that at a later point in time will contain tracking information for one or multiple parcels or pallets. 📝

Order creation normally happens implicitly by providing a corresponding order number when submitting tracking information.

In addition to that, you have the possibility to explicitly submit order information in advance. This in some scenarios makes sense if order details are available to you before the actual tracking information. Thus, it enables parcelLab to e.g. monitor the lead time between order creation and e.g. dispatch and trigger specific actions such as alerts or delay emails.

An order is considered the earlier version of tracking before the tracking number itself has been assigned. Hence, creating an order behaves exactly the same and creates the exact same data structure as creating a tracking, but does not require the courier and tracking_number.

Please note that therefore the xid or orderNo will be used as primary identifier to overwrite or extend existing records.

You can do so, by using the above /presage endpoint of our API. Presage (as in omen), gives you the chance to let parcelLab know that it will expect tracking information for the specified order.

Note, that an order can also be created via email or file based. If you want to use one of these methodes you can follow the guidelines of below: