Article lists

Article lists in all pro-active communications let recipients know what exactly they can expect. You send us the list of items per package, we extend if required using the shop's product feed.

Simple article list

The article list in the emails has different detail levels. A simple list only features article numbers, names and quantities.

As described in the data model, the article list has to be transmitted when creating a tracking. A list is structured like this:

articleNo: 'article number (String)', // required
articleName: 'article name (String)', // required
quantity: Integer, // optional

Article list with images and backlinks

The more detailed article list features an image per row and also links back to the article page within the shop. In order for the system to show this article list, the simple article list as described above has to be transmitted for every tracking.

A sample article list with images and links

Extending this article list can be achieved through two ways, described below:

Extending article list when creating tracking

First option is to extend the transmitted article lists with the articleUrl and articleImageUrl. By adding these two parameters to each object of the articles array, the list can be extended.

However, in most cases this is not possible as the warehouse software generating the shipment labels does not have these detailed information related to the shop. If this the case, the second option solves the issue:

Extending article list through product feed

parcelLab support importing product feeds to extend the data.

  • A product feed is a complete article master list

  • It contains the article number as provided when created the tracking and information that should be extended on a per-article basis like article name, product page url, product image url (thumbnail)

  • The product feed is formatted as CSV and can be accessed via HTTP(S)