Multi-parcel orders

Multiple packages in a single order? No problem! Use our special placeholders for split orders to let customers know how many packages they have to expect.


The only requirement for multi-parcel order communication is that each tracking in parcelLab is assigned to an order number.

Multi-parcel tracking page

The tracking page should be set to multi-parcel view based on orders before switching the emails. For details see here:

Display in emails

You can easily display the number of parcels for that order in your emails:

<p>You can expect {{numberOfTrackingsInOrder/system}} parcels!</p>

You can use our conditional placeholder to show special texts for the cases of multiple parcels or a single parcel per order.

<p>I'm only shown if there are multiple parcels in the order.</p>

And the alternative:

<p>I'm only displayed if there's just one single parcel in the order.</p>