For Customer Service

This page explains the core concepts of the parcelLab portal for Customer Service teams.

Editing the recipient's email address

First, navigate to the order or delivery you want to edit the recipient's email address for. Go to the details view for that delivery and find the dropdown menu right next to the email address itself:

After clicking on this arrow, you are presented with different options:

Of these options, select the highlighted Change email. In the now shown popup you can edit the recipient's email address.

This instantly changes the email address associated with this delivery. All emails from now on will be sent to this new email address, and old emails will not be re-sent. If a new delivery to this customer is added any time in the future and the old email is given, the email address will not automatically be updated to this new value.

How to blacklist an email address

First, search for the user in the portal:

Open the delivery, and then click on the email to show the dropdown:

Confirm that you want to blacklist:

You will get a confirmation message if the email was successfully blacklisted:

You will see that a blacklisted customer can be unlisted again with the same setup: