Basics of logistics analysis

Delivery problems

Problem reports of the carriers are analysed and assigned to the following problem categories:

Problem category



Parcel was damaged during shipment. Further steps vary greatly, most often: a) Parcel is directly returned b) Parcel will be delivered anyway c) Parcel is repackaged and then delivered


There are missing parcels in the delivery. Only relevant for forwarding companies.


The shipment could not be delivered due to time problems on this day, thus the deliverer had too many shipments on their route.


There was no space on the delivery vehicle, so delivery is not possible.


The address could not be found. Usually an additional delivery attempt is made on the next working day.


The parcel was misdirected in carrier's network.


There were no more scans, the package was probably left undone.


There was a problem with customs clearance. Unfortunately, this hardly can be handled automatically.


The acceptance was denied by the recipient.


The COD amount was not paid.


A notification card was left including all next steps, but the information was not passed on electronically.


A general exception not specified by the carrier.

Timestamps and lead times

For each tracking following timestamps are generated:



Created on

Data has been transmitted from shop to parcelLab.

Ordered on

Not displayed, only for reference. When the order has been created, timestamp provided by shop.

Pick-up scheduled on

EDI-transmission from shop to courier: This is the timestamp since when the tracking number was announced. This falls back to "inbound scan on" if not given explicitly.

Announced dispatch

Only displayed if transmitted during creation of tracking. This is the announced dispatch timestamp as defined by the shop.

Inbound scan on

The inbound scan of the courier, this is the first real scan event in the courier's network. This timestamp also marks that the delivery was handed over to the courier.

Qualified delivery attempt on

Any qualified delivery attempt by the courier, e.g. a failed attempt (rang the bell but nobody was there), a left notification card, or delivery available for collection in parcel shop. Falls back to "delivered on", if successfully delivered directly on the first attempt.

Delivered on

Delivery was successfully handed over to the recipient: direct (doorstep) delivery, delivery has been collected from parcel shop, delivery to a neighbour, or delivery deposited at a safe place.

Lead times

Based on the timestamps explained above, following lead times are being calculated taking into account weekends and regional holidays:

Lead time


Lead time delivery

„Pick-up scheduled on“ until „Delivered on“

Lead time delivery attempt

„Pick-up scheduled on“ until „Qualified delivery attempt on“

Lead time courier

„Inbound scan on“ until „Qualified delivery attempt on“

Lead time order

„Ordered on “ until „Qualified delivery attempt on“

Lead time till inbound scan

„Pick-up scheduled on“ until „Inbound scan on“

Delta between announced and actual dispatch

Delta between „Pick-up scheduled on“ and „Announced dispatch“ in days