Product recommendations

The product recommendations in the e-mails must be customer-specific. ParcelLab is not responsible for the content of the emails and does not assume any guarantee.

Emarsys Predict

Product recommendations from Emarsys use Predict, specifically we include the Email Recommendations. More information about the Emarsys Predict Email Recommender can be found here:

There HTML is shown, which can be easily integrated into messages / templates:

<a href="<some-hash>/<widget-id>/1.html?ci=<order-no>" target="_blank">
<img src="<some-hash>/<widget-id>/1.jpg?ci=<order-no>" width="200" height="260">
<a href="<some-hash>/<widget-id>/2.html?ci=<order-no>" target="_blank">
<img src="<some-hash>/<widget-id>/2.jpg?ci=<order-no>" width="200" height="260">


Dynamic Yield