parcelLab Zendesk App

Are you using Zendesk to handle your customer support? No problem! Our parcelLab app available on the Zendesk marketplace integrates seamlessly with your Zendesk workflow.


Automatical retrieval of delivery status based on your order number
  • Integrates seamlessly with your support workflow as a Zendesk sidebar app

  • Quick view of corresponding tracking number and delivery status

  • View most-recent delivery status based on order number provided either via:

    • order number provided in support ticket

    • convenient order number input form

  • Support for multi-parcel orders

  • Direct link to corresponding parcelLab portal tracking page

Manual Input Of Order Number


You require Zendesk admin privileges to install and configure the parcelLab Zendesk app

  1. Log on to your Zendesk installation as an admin user

  2. Navigate to the Zendesk marketplace and search for "parcelLab"

  3. Click on "Install"

  4. Configure the app as described below


After the app has been successfully installed via the Zendesk marketplace.

1. Enter your parcelLab user ID

Enter your parcelLab user ID, this allows the app to correctly fetch the delivery status of your orders.

You can find your parcelLab user ID in the parcelLab Portal under "Profile" / "API Credentials"

(optional) 2. Enter the Zendesk ticket field ID of the order number field

If you'd like the parcelLab app to automatically retrieve the value from a Zendesk support ticket field and use it as the order number to fetch the delivery status, you can provide the corresponding Zendesk ticket field ID.

To do so, you have to get the Zendesk ticket field ID of the Zendesk ticket field that you would like to use as the order number. This will most likely be a custom ticket field that your customer fill out with their order number when they raise a new support request.

How to get the Zendesk ticket field ID

After you've determined the correct ticket field ID, simply enter it as part of the parcelLab configuration.

Ticket field ID configuration

Leave the "Zendesk Ticket Field ID" configuration entry empty, if you'd prefer to be presented with a manual order number input form instead.

(optional) 3. Enable/Disable Stripping Of Leading 0s From Order Numbers

If your order numbers contain leading 0s (e.g. 000123) but they are sent to the parcelLab API without leading 0s (e.g. 123), then you should enable this option, so the parcelLab Zendesk app correctly adjust the order numbers before it fetches the corresponding delivery status from the parcelLab API.

Enabling "Strip leading 0s from order number" will not modify your ticket data

Enable/Disable stripping off leading 0s

4. 🎉 Save Your Configuration & Start Using The App

If all the configuration is correct and complete, simply click "Install/Update". You should then be able to navigate to any Zendesk support ticket and see the parcelLab app as part of your Zendesk sidebar on the right.